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Tonight, I found out thanks to a tweet by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar that the MSNBC show of Mehdi Hasan has been cancelled. No surprise to me. Our nation is getting ready to fire its last bullets in its quest to retain world’s hegemony.

A fellow named Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov who was known to the world as Lenin, the father of the Russian revolution. This fellow Lenin wrote a book called “Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism.” This book perfectly describes the state of our nation today with 840 military bases throughout world, financing two high maintenance wars and a multitude of skirmishes and deployments throughout the world.

A particular distinction of this stage of development is that basically both sides of the ruling class unite to support this stage, Imperialism. Placing others into submission is the main role of this stage.

That the Mehdi Hasan’s show was terminated will be one of the many that will continue to cease to exist. In this stage of development as our power throughout the world declines our “Imperialism” cannot take substantive questions or insinuations about our behavior throughout the world.

Consequently, we need to launch campaigns of misinformation (for example the aggressiveness of China towards world domination. Referring to a country that has only one military base outside of its own country. Remember, we have 840 bases.) We are fanning the flames to censor TikTok, RT, anything that comes from Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. and any other “divergences” that question our role in the world.

Our humongous military budget is one of the reasons that we are in the trail we are on. Like our federal elected officials that vote to protect the NRA thanks to the financial incentives they receive, the military budget is way beyond that of the gun industry.

We were warned by Eisenhower and JFK about the military-industrial complex who in unity with some other sectors of the “Greed Machine” keep us busy in our foreign wars and skirmishes.

This pursuit of profits through wars is leaving us in a very precarious position in the world. In both Ukraine and Gaza, we are dealing with very explosive situations that mishandled could provoke a much larger confrontation that not many people in the world think are meritorious.

In Ukraine the war is being described as stagnant with hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians having died when the possible outcome will be much worse than what it could have been negotiated without a war.

In Gaza, the Zionist government of Israel is adamant about destroying Gaza and conclude its ethnic cleansing of Gaza and the West Bank. The world is seeing with horror the massacre that is happening in Gaza. The Zionist government old tactic of appealing to its Holocaust experience as reason to continue the genocide that is happening right in front of our eyes has become a fallacy.

The fact that questioning the Zionist government bombardment and killing of 20,000 Palestinians is considered antisemitism by the Zionists and its sympathizers tells us a lot about the nature of the Zionist government. New York Times Op-Ed Columnist, Tom Friedman, said it very clearly in a recent article to move forward towards peace Israel must get rid of Netanyahu.

The USA can’t continue waging war throughout the world. The cost is immense. And our isolation grows by the minute. We need to accept a multipolar world and act accordingly for the well-being of the American people.

Lorenzo Canizares                                                                                                                                                                            



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